Happerley Dine & Drink

Download the app on arrival and use the QR codes. Over 80% of the food and drink you consume will be from Happerley Gold producers – scan the QR code and you will see instantly the journey from seed or birth.

What does this mean – we can name the farm! More than that, we will introduce and explain the producers behind your food, whether Rod Adlington’s chicken, Clifford Freeman’s beef, or indeed Jack Chase behind our range of Chase gins, or Simon Weaver behind the brie.

All our beers, ciders, soft drinks, juices and wines are artisan and Happerley.


  • Seven course provenance taster menus for 20
  • Dreamy BBQ evenings around big fire pits under starry nights
  • Party paellas featuring seafood caught by named boats
  • Provenance pizzas boasting seasonal named farm toppings
  • Field banquets
  • Hog Roasts
  • Lunch boxes and safari picnics

Get Sust! Events

Reconnect to yourselves, your planet and your food. Get Sust! weekends and camping events are designed to provide exceptionally fun and (we hope) potentially life changing experiences for singles, couples and families.

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Willow Hill Family

Please call us on 01242 222848 or email us to see how we can help!

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For those seeking exclusive fully catered weekend hire for private celebrations, we hope you’ll join us!

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