Sustainability Policy

Happerley is fully committed to sustaining, growing and sharing the precious resources of our one planet, and supports our network in the food and drink sector to do likewise.

We adopt a three-pillar approach to sustainability by supporting our local economy and creating more local supply chain links between our members, enhancing the lives oflocal people and increasing their understanding of the climate emergency, and nurturing the protection of our environment and its habitats, while sharing of our magnificent farm with others, so they too can conserve and protect the planet for future generations.

Happerley fully understands its moral and legal obligations to undertake its operations in a responsible manner, by monitoring, managing and controlling the activities of our campaigns, initiatives and employee practices on the environment and wider society. With an ambitious target to become net zero by 2025, we want to double our economic impact in the local community, and act as a flagship of sustainable development for green and ‘Get Sust’ events.

Happerley will:

1. Reduce the use of fossil fuels associated with electricity and heating.
2. Ensure plant, farm machinery and equipment is maintained routinely, to operate efficiently.
3. Conserve the use of water as a precious resource across our buildings and operations.
4. Manage and minimise waste so that it is diverted from landfill and is recovered for reuse.
5. Reduce carbon associated with travel and transport and encouraging sustainable transport.
6. Procure goods, consummables, services and materials in a sustainable manner.
7. Encourage suppliers, contractors and more so our members to adopt sustainable practices.
8. Encourage visitors to act in an environmentally sensitive manner.
9. Host and run a series of sustainability events for families through to business and NGOs.
10. Engage with local communities and wider stakeholders to share and learn.
11. Promote sustainable and safe remote home working through communication channels.
12. Celebrate sustainability success and gain award recognition.
13. Share lessons learned and best practice across our industry.
14. Annually review and improve our sustainable performance.
15. Ensure all employees play an active part in the sustainability of Happerley by providing them with adequate information, instruction, training and understanding of local & global issues.
16. Comply with requirements of environmental and socially responsible legislation

Happerley will communicate the Sustainability Policy to all employees and key stakeholders along with visitors and the general public, through online publishing.
The policy will be reviewed annually and updated as required to conform to current legislation.
The policy, supported by Instructions, Procedures and Organisational Arrangements will be applied to all activities carried out by Happerley.
The policy is endorsed at senior board level and reviewed systematically by Happerley’s Senior Management Team. The Sustainability Advisor and appointed Green Champions are responsible for ensuring this policy is embedded into the culture and work ethos of all our operations.
The CEO is personally responsible for the sustainable performance of Happerley and signs this policy statement in acknowledgement of this.

Matthew Rymer